16 Ways VR can help ecommerce

Virtual reality is the next major opportunity in e-commerce. In a world yearning for innovation and new ways of experiencing online shopping. VR has emerged as the next best thing to captivate the audience and create a more immersive experience.

The user-friendly design of VR headsets is one of the most attractive features for both buyers and sellers. The cutting-edge technology enhances usability, marketing, customer service and brand awareness. Virtual reality allows customers to not only experience the products but also virtually try them on and have a better understanding of what they look like on. It is changing the traditional e-commerce shopping experience by simulating a physical store for users.

The VR headsets are getting increasingly affordable as more companies enter the market and start producing it. For customer service, VR can assist in educating customers about products and services in a more engaging way, and help solve issues faster and more efficiently through simulated personal interactions.

Here are 16 ways virtual reality can help your eCommerce business accelerate its revenue growth:

1. Shopping experience

When a person is shopping, he or she has a short attention span and needs to make a quick decision. VR gives the buyer the opportunity to check out before making a purchase, walk around and have more time to examine the products before they buy them. VR shopping can save consumers time, money, and ensure that the item they order is currently in stock.

2. Get closer to customers

As a customer, getting to know your buyer better is one of the best ways of increasing your sales. Virtual reality allows you to do this through simulations. Through virtual reality, you may be able to lend a helping hand in more efficient ways that can assist your buyer in their decision-making process. You may be able to provide help with choosing what product they want or what size or colour they want.

3. Virtual fitting room

When someone is shopping online, they have to guess what the item will look like on before they purchase it. With VR, that's no longer a problem. VR virtual dressing rooms enable consumers to virtually try on any clothes or accessories virtually before they purchase them. This can help customers feel more confident about their purchases and can even result in more sales for you as the e-commerce store owner.

4. Provide better customer service

VR headsets allow for a more engaging and interactive customer service experience. If you want to eliminate the need for long wait times, have a complicated call-in support system or just want to improve the satisfaction of customers, virtual reality is the answer. For instance, if your customers want to see their purchases in a virtual room before they receive them, you can use VR to give them that experience in real-time by virtually walking through the room with them or putting them on a cat walk in space.

5. Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

Virtual reality is able to reduce customer acquisition for e-commerce companies by providing completely free samples and allowing customers to virtually try on a product before they decide to buy. This will reduce the costs of customer acquisition and building new customers for your business.

6. Enhance brand awareness

Another way that virtual reality can help e-commerce sales-boosting efforts is by enhancing brand awareness. With increased brand awareness, consumers are more likely to buy products and services because they have a better understanding of the benefits of the products. This can help you connect with customers in a more personal way, helping you build customer loyalty and establish trust.

7. Increase sales conversion

Virtual reality is an excellent way to increase your sales conversion rate because it creates a sense of urgency among users right before they make their orders and get them instantly. This could result in faster sales than other e-commerce solutions can provide.

8. Create an efficient customer support

Virtual reality has the potential to reduce the amount of waiting time when someone calls into your e-commerce business to ask a question or file a complaint, as they can virtually interact with you and see themselves interacting with you in real-time. This will make it easier for customers to see that the customer service representative is genuinely listening to them and trying their best to solve their problems.

9. Improve customer service response times

The adoption of virtual reality has the potential to improve customer service response times for e-commerce. Customers can virtually interact with your business, allowing you to respond in real-time and provide a more personalized experience that makes them want to continue doing business with you.

10. Make an emotional connection with customers

Virtual reality will help make an emotional connection between your customers and your brand. Customers will be more likely to purchase products and services that they feel connected to or have a positive emotional connection with. For example, if you are selling high-end apparel for women, you can put your customers in the shoes of a beautiful woman who is wearing your clothes.

11. Boost mobile presence

Virtual reality can help bring a new level of innovation to the online shopping experience, which ultimately translates into more sales for your eCommerce business. Because headsets are mobile, it can make it easier to connect shoppers with your brand. For example, you could bring virtual wardrobe stylists directly to their homes or offices without needing to travel anywhere.

12. Boost your SEO rankings

VR can help increase your search engine rankings by providing unique and engaging content that links back to your website and helps build trust among consumers who are looking for a business like yours. This will help you build more trust with consumers and make them more likely to trust your brand's services or products. This will ultimately lead to increased conversions for your eCommerce store.

13. Create new revenue streams

Virtual reality can also help you generate new revenue streams for your e-commerce business by expanding into other areas such as content, real estate, events and more. For instance, you could create a VR experience for the real estate industry that gives potential home buyers a better feel of what their homes will be like to live in.

14. Increase average order value

Virtual reality also has the potential to increase your average order value by allowing you to upsell and cross-sell products or services while leveraging VR technology. This will ultimately improve your average order value for online sales, which can help improve your Return on Investment (ROI) for e-commerce stores.

15. Increase satisfaction and customer loyalty

Virtual reality has the capacity to help you improve your overall customer satisfaction rate by creating a more interactive experience. Customers can see how this e-commerce platform would work and feel a connection with your brand before they make a purchase. This will increase customer loyalty and ultimately result in more sales for you as an e-commerce store owner.

16. Increase the likelihood of people sharing content about your brand

VR creates a unique opportunity for you to use social media to spread your brand awareness and ultimately bring in more sales for your business. People will be more likely to share content that they see in virtual reality because it will create a story around your brand. This can help increase the number of sales generated for your e-commerce store long-term because VR taps into our visual nature and allows us to create content that's easy to share with others.

The Wrap

All in all, virtual reality has the potential to be a major part of your e-commerce business if you take advantage of its unique features. While virtual reality is still relatively new, it will continue to become more widespread and useful as time continues to go on. 

It's the perfect time to start experimenting with VR technology so that you can figure out how you can integrate it into your e-commerce business before your competitors do. There is a huge opportunity for your brand to be the first one to implement virtual reality and have it translate into increased sales, brand awareness, brand loyalty and more.

If you are interested in learning more about implementing this technology into your e-commerce store get in touch with the team at Sullivan Studios to organise a discovery session into how you could possibly harness the power of VR for your business.

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