6 reasons why you should build a VR experience on Shopify

So there is the age old question...

When is VR going to go mainstream?

Well if you look at the stats its not really a relevant question anymore, the answer is it already has.

Right now big brands have seen the momentum and they are building the first VR shop experiences as we speak. Here is some the main reasons our clients

have chosen to start building experiences in particularly on Shopify.

1. Shopping experience in general

If you build on Shopify, you generally care about your customers shopping experience and want them to experience your brand in its best light. Images are great and so is video and fancy squiggly lines.

But being able to pick up and object, inspect it really close and then throwing it across the store is way cooler.

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2. Manage all of your products in VR from your current Shopify store.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel, Shopify is amazing. Simply add your 3d models into your Shopify store, we dynamically pull them into your virtual reality experience and allow your customers to interact and

more importantly buy your products. Boom brand new store in the virtual world.

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3. Giving your customers freedom and flexibility

Don't you hate it when you go shopping by yourself and you have to keep a serious face when trying on clothes for the shop assistant to say.

"OMG you look so good in that!" FAKE!

In VR you have the shop to yourself, do want you want, flaunt it, then buy it, or maybe destroy it.

Shopping with perfect freedom to do you.

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4. Manage your VR shop on the road - Shopify Mobile App.

As a business owner your all over the shop, meetings in new york on monday, firing or hiring staff on tuesday, buying new merch on thurs, you aint got time to always be on your computer.

The mobile app they already have is amazing and lets you manage your whole shop on the road, as vr experiences grow you will need the same flexibility with your 3d models and your experience flow.

The functionality isn't there yet, but you can guarantee Shopify will already be working on this.

Shopify launches Shop, a new mobile app | TechCrunch

5. Shopify believe in the VR shop future.

You will find that other brands think its 2-3 years away, these are generally brands who have know idea what they are talking about. Shopify has been in love with VR for ages.

Now that the tech is here, developers are working on it and they have a platform that easily integrates with it, they are in really nice spot to be the market leaders in the VR shop space.

6. VR Stops people from returning items, which saves you time and money.

If a user can interact with your product, see its sizing and know exactly what it would be like in real life they are more likely to not return the product.

Check out this little quote from this link

"A recent study found that roughly 10% of purchases are returned, adding up to billions of dollars a year, with online returns higher than in-store."

The Wrap

Building a VR experience is so new that its scary, but it doesn't have to be. Look at it as a brand new experience for your customers that already love your online and instore experience.

Manage it all from a system you know and love. Shopify.


We wrote this article ages ago, and now we have a solution for Shopify Store owners who want a VR shop


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