Beatsaber - Why it sells

In this series of articles we will breakdown why certain VR games work and why they are popular. Today we talk about a classic: Beatsaber.

I first heard about Beatsaber on a Joe Rogan podcast, they were talking about how VR finally has a game that is fun and works in VR, but why does it work is the question.

Here are my thoughts.

  • Everyone loves music, i dont care where your from
  • Your locked into position so you can focus on one task of playing the game
  • Its visually stunning and makes you feel immersed, instantly.
  • Its really easy to learn and hard to master, you can pick it up in 30 seconds which is vital to VR

One the things I've noticed with anyone I put into Beatsaber is the fact that they all finally 'GET' VR. They want to buy their own headset and do beatsaber as their fitness now.

They also recognise that this is a new way to stimulate their brain in a way that nothing really else can offer.

The other thing it does really well is make the user feel good, they feel like they are improving, even within the first song, and this is one of the most powerful things about gaming, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Tim out.

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