How does VR shopping work?

How does VR shopping work?

How does shopping work is probably the biggest question, but you didn't come to this blog for that. Let us start with what we know.

Bricks and mortar shopping 🏪

When you visit a physical shop in person, you are welcomed into the shop when its open (or allowed to be open, cough, covid). The shop will have stock on the shelves that your allowed to inspect and purchase at the counter. Usually there is someone in the shop that can answer your questions.

Online shopping 💻

Accessible via a computer or device, online shops are always open. The have beautiful images, videos and descriptions of their products. A system called the internet connects you with this online presence. It allows you to buy something online without ever physically seeing it. This didn't happen over night, it took time for people to send their money into the void and wait for a product to arrive at their house.

But it works and its amazing and its changed how we shop.

Virtual Reality shopping 😎

Think of VR shopping as a splice between online and in-store. The ease and comfort of shopping from your home with the awesomeness of being able to hold the products that look as real as the real product, without any boundaries. Wanna go into the bottle shop and smash all the beers? Go for it. Wanna try all the clothes on and just throw them around the store?

Go for it.

How does this help me?

Imagine you own a box company. You recycle and create boxes. You sell them all over the world and people love what you do.

One day you create a new box and its just the best box in the world. How do you tell your customers about it?

You would send them an image like this:

Or maybe, you would send them the box in the mail.

Or show them a 3d model.

In VR, you could create a 3d version of your new box, add your customers branding and the products they sell within the box and put it in a VR experience. To add to the experience you jump into the experience with them and show them how awesome this new box is, all from the comfort of your office or home.

No one has VR headsets.

They cost $500, buy one and send it to your customer, this is a point of difference that no one can match. Here is a link:

Yes it costs to build a VR experience, but just like a website, its an assets that you build once and build on, you build the box for one client and just swap the logo for each client and the costs will be very minimal.

How much to build a VR experience?

Well you can build one for $500, but you will receive a $500 VR experience.

The costs can vary just like a website, it depends on these things below:

  • How detailed is your experience - simple or advanced?
  • How many 3D products need to be built from scratch and how detailed they are
  • The quality and experience of the studio you use
  • Where do you want it distributed? Oculus Store, Steam

If its a white room with a box in the middle that you can pick up and examine it, a small team could build that in a couple of weeks and you might be looking between $10k-$50k.

You get what you pay for.

The Wrap

VR is a powerful tool for any business and its a new sales channel that allows business owners to merge their instore experience with online in a whole new personal way.

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