How Spotify🎵 will change E-commerce forever

"Music's got me feeling so free, We're gonna celebrate, Celebrate and dance so free, One more time" - Daft Punk

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What a great song, with a great message. But how does this relate to shopping?

How does Spotify mix with Shopify?

On a traditional website, it doesn't really make sense, its actually annoying when a website has sound and we don't want it. That is why it hasn't worked in the past.

As the shopping experiences evolves into virtual reality experience, music comes back into play as its a massive tool to create immersion.

As of 26th of August 2021, there isn't an integration I am aware of that connects the two, but lets explore what it could achieve if it was possible:

Building the atmosphere of your shop

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You walk into a café with no music and its a little bit awkward, you walk into a café with your favourite song and a happy smile from the barista, its a totally different experience, everything is elevated. All of your customers should get that experience when they visit our online store.

Setting the pace of the store and its sales

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Music has a powerful effect on our behaviour, it can make us laugh, make us cry and make us just generally happy. In the right situation it make you want to jump up and dance.

Now take that energy and direct it properly, it may just make your customer make that sale.

Putting your brands personality on show

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How much can you learn about someone by asking them what kind of music they listen to?

According to this article, it suggests that people do define themselves through music and use it as a means to relate to other people. His research points to the connection that people often make between who they are as an individual and their musical tastes.

What a great way to instantly connect with the right customers as soon as they land in your store / experience.

The wrap

Music is powerful, so is online shopping, mixed together they are a dream team. Start thinking about what your brands theme music is, and lets build an experience that connects with your audience like never before.

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