Is virtual shopping the future?

Virtual shopping is a new form of shopping that has recently trended in Australia, as many stores are opening up online rather than on-site. It can seem like a convenient and less costly option, but how safe are these sites to shop on?

There are many benefits of virtual shopping over traditional in-store shopping but shoppers must be aware of how to shop from home. Here are some tips for shoppers that want to buy what they need without leaving their homes.

The main hurdles to shopping from home are the availability of virtual stores and the security of information. Although more stores are opening online, more shops are also closing their doors. This means that there is now competition among retailers to provide shoppers with a quality online retail experience without having to venture out of their homes. 

Remember when websites first started? Or your first purchased on eBay? People get scared, but it's ok.

How does virtual shopping work?

Virtual shopping is taking the real-world experience to the online world utilising VR as a technological resource. Virtual shopping is taking advantage of the internet to allow consumers to shop online in an interactive environment. In this environment, shoppers can experience products from different angles and even try them on using virtual dressing rooms, similar to those that physical stores use.

Through virtual reality, consumers can try on clothing and accessories in various colours and styles without needing to physically change clothes or go to the store. This VR technology uses changing algorithms and computer-generated graphics that create a lifelike experience for the shopper. This allows shoppers to experience the associated products without the hassle of visiting a physical store.

The technology can be used in conjunction with a shopping list and virtual product catalogues, allowing shoppers to choose what products they want every time. Virtual shopping can also make shopping easier by giving discounts to shoppers who buy more than a certain amount of items at once.

Where does virtual shopping take place?

Depending on your headset it can happen in many places, just like websites do. If you are using an Oculus headset, you would be able to find experiences in the Oculus store or on the web via WebVR.

There is tonnes of ways to find VR experiences, here is a few:

Just to name a few.

Currently there isnt really a google for VR or the metaverse.

Top trends in virtual shopping

There are many ways to go about virtual shopping, and from a shopper's perspective, there are some top trends that should be considered. The first is the way shoppers actually use the technology. It may be important for shoppers to pay attention to how they interact with the product, in order to get a good shopping experience.

The second trend is around customer service. Virtual stores tend not to offer the same service that physical stores do, meaning that customers must deal with both good and bad customer experiences on virtual retailers without much recourse.

The final trend is related to the previous point, which is that shoppers must pay attention to what they are buying. A virtual store will allow customers to purchase items with just a few clicks of their mouse, meaning that if shoppers don't want to purchase something they should make sure that it doesn't get added to the cart by accident. This can be solved by buying the product after the experience, like an abandoned cart feature where you get an email and finish on a mobile or computer.

Can you shop with your friends virtually?

100%, chuck on your headset, message your friend and boom, they are right there with you. Lockdowns cannot stop you now.

Are virtual stores safer than physical stores?

One of the biggest reasons why consumers shop online is because of its perceived safety and security. With physical stores, it is possible to encounter thieves looking for valuable merchandise or unsafe products. These dangers often mean that shoppers will visit the store and then do their shopping online when they get home.

As this is written in 2021, its way safer than the chance of getting sick.

The wrap

Virtual stores are the future when it comes to safety, being ahead of the curve, customer experience and story telling, so get involved, or get left behind.

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