What is a VR shop?

VR shopping combines the benefits of real-world experiences with the convenience of online retail. On top of that, VR shops will have uses that are yet to be imagined. If you are serious about the future of your business then you should get serious about VR shopping.

The benefits of VR shopping for customers are:

  • Immersion - Incredible experiences in the VR world
  • Convenience -Shopping from the comfort of your home
  • Accessibility - 24/7 access, for anyone with a headset
  • Customisation - Control every aspect of the shopping experience
  • Safety - Virtual interactions, without real-world risks  

The benefits for VR shopping for businesses are:

  • Reach - Access to global markets
  • Efficiency - No rental fees for real estate
  • Centralisation - Update one store and update them all
  • Scalability - No limits to retail shop size
  • Serviceability - Ability to service a wide range of customers

Why businesses are investing in VR:

  • Customer behaviour - Covid-19 forced many consumers online
  • Technology suitability - VR hardware and software has drastically improved  
  • VR adoption - Nearly one in five (19 percent) of US consumers have used VR in 2020
  • Industry investment - $4.7 billion invested in VR in 2020

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