Why toddlers are building the next evolution of websites.

So you have a booming website, your UX is sexy as hell, the SEO team is killing it and your sales keep growing each month, but it wasn't always like this.

No matter how large or successful your business is, it started off somewhere and it took some guts and grit to get to where it is today or where it is heading.

The person or team that made that happen had a certain mindset, the mindset of a toddler. They weren't sure how or where the journey was going to take them, but it was exciting and scary at the same time, they were really curious and really open to trying new things, because that's how things change, that's how we innovate.

I believe the businesses of tomorrow are the toddlers of today. They are crawling in new software, tumbling over new tech and eating strange new acronyms.

When a customer arrives on your website, they want to navigate to the right product, check the price and learn about it in detail. The look at the picture and videos and read your sexy description, but we can now offer them so much more than that. With the power of VR we have a couple of new options.

1. Add a virtual showroom so they can pick up and interact with your products.

If you have a Shopify store you could install this app 'Unify' which adds any of your 3d models to a virtual showroom where the user can pick up your products and shrink and grow them in their hands. If you dont have a 3d model and your reading this article, we will help you build one for free. Just ask.

*There is a free option

2. Build an experience in the metaverse so a community can sell your product for you

With some many communities in the VR space you can take your pick and get instant access to potential customers .

Altspace for example has an amazing community of like minded people.

Sandbox is more game focused but puts your brands in the hands of users that may have never heard of you, expensive, but hey snoops doing it so why not.

Roblox is focused more on the younger generation but has 55 million daily user.

3. Build a custom experience that is built from the ground up to make you look awesome.

My personal favourite, building a VR experience from the ground up. I am not talking about the point and click experinces you see from Gucci, I am talking about an experience where you can walk around pick up products and actually feel like you are in a different universe, real immersion.

The reason this one is so exciting is because the adoption rate is finally at a tipping point so there is enough people using VR headsets, the technology is absolutely booming and every single developer I talk to is teaching themselves some form of coding for the metaverse which means the experiences are only going to get better and better. The other valid point is that big tech companies are investing. Here is a couple of news headings i like:

Qualcomm launches 100m fund - https://www.roadtovr.com/qualcomm-launches-100m-fund-help-build-metaverse/

New VR Users on Steam Grew by 11% in 2021, Unique Play Sessions Up 22% - https://www.roadtovr.com/valve-steam-vr-headset-stats-2021-monthly-active-users/

TikTok Parent ByteDance Partners with Qualcomm on XR Hardware and Software - TikTok Parent ByteDance Partners with Qualcomm on XR Hardware and Software

But put them aside, Facebook or Meta, is betting on the VR game in a big way. Do you really think a company that owns Whatsapp and Instagram amongst 100's of other companies who has access to the most amount of date in the world is taking a gamble this large without some kind of inside knowledge?

Tim out.

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