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What is a VR shop?
A vr shop is a visual representation of your online shop where products can be interacted with like never before.
What do I need to get started?
All you need is 3d models of your products, we then bring them into a virtual shop.
How do people access the VR experience
Once you have installed our app and chosen the 3d models you want to display our app will create a link on your site which the end user can input to a browser on their headset. They simply click ' experience in VR ' and the link will be created. Once they visit that link your VR shop will open up.
How do i customise my VR shop?
You will start with a base shop, customisation is currently only for a enterprise customers. Feel free to reach out to me personally for a chat tim@sullivan.shop.
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Welcome to the future of shopping, in VR
if you need a hand with anything, just send us an email at
support@sullivan.shop or call me on 0402 232 029.

I am in Australia, so if i dont answer its becuase im probably asleep.

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